Sports Technology

The sport industry lives on innovations. The sport market is determined by constant redevelopment and further development. Many innovations start as seemingly crazy ideas from an athlete, but go on to become a sport start-up virtually overnight. Others spend years in development at established sporting goods manufacturers. We are right there as the innovations emerge, talking to the inventors, makers and pioneers.

These days, we often take the accessibility of sports broadcasts for granted. As such, its rather rare for the vast majority of the spectators to be fully aware of the technological innovations taking place to enhance the games experience. Often, the adjustments resulting from these are, in the grand scope of things, rather small, but the combination of ideas and fine-tuning mean that todays viewing experience is leaps and bounds beyond that of just a few years ago.

Venues are, necessarily, media platforms, and as such, there is an opportunity to redefine the fan experience. For tech businesses like Advent, Fancam, MVP Interactive or SkyScout Group, the evolving role of media in the live sports experience is central to their businesses. The connection between watching and going define their value proposition. Whether its creating an opportunity to capture a selfie, make waiting in lines less painful, or build unique venue observational experience. Technologies are making the unique qualities of the live event.

When asked about which technologies would make the biggest impact on the sports industry in the next 12 months, an overwhelming 78% selected fan engagement technologies, such as live streaming, esports and content platforms, compared to technologies related to athlete performance (16%) and stadium experience (6%). Respondents also believe that this will hold true for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Media experts predict that year 2020 is a revolutionary year for streaming, broadcasting, and OTT (over the top) media services. Before, tech sports revolution, live sports streaming rights were limited to giant sports broadcaster. But as technology has taken over, many tech platforms like Amazon and Facebook have stepped into the game of live streaming and broadcasting, providing people upgraded mediums to watch sports anywhere.

To conclude, the next era of sports will be technology. It will define how we, as fans, experience the events and how we approach them. It would fair to say that the sport, as we know today, will not exist 10 years from now. NBA season 2020/2021 have been an good example on how the future might look like.